Medicare Insurance - In Depth
Annual Enrollment - October 15th - December 7th
Advantage Plan Dis-Enrollment - January 1 - February 14th
Medicare Part A - Hospital Coverage
Medicare Part B - Doctor Coverage*
Medicare Part C - Replacement Plans
Medicare Part D - Prescription Coverage*

*There is a penalty enforced by Medicare for not signing up when you become eligible.
Medicare Supplements:

Commonly referred to as Medigap plans.
Supplements are the best coverage available, because they cover all out-of-pocket expense
(deductibles, co-insurance, etc.)
Part D coverage has to be applied for separately when you have a supplement.
Advantage Plans:

Commonly referred to as Medicare Part C or Medicare Replacement Plans.
They are usually zero premium or low premium plans. They are all-in-one plans that cover
hospital, doctor, and prescription coverage. Some Advantage Plans are available without
prescription coverage, as well. Available plan types are: HMO, PPO, POS, PFFS (there can be
restrictions with networks). Most Advantage Plans come with extras, such as, dental coverage,
gym membership discounts, weight loss plan discounts, etc.

Chronic Illness Plans are available for those who qualify. The qualifying conditions are:
diabetes, heart disease, respiratory disease, kidney disease, memory problems, or long-term

There are also plans available for nursing home patients and dual-eligible (Medicare & Medicaid
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