Long Term Care Insurance - In Depth
*Individual/Couple and Partnership Plans Available*
Long Term Care Insurance

These plans are designed to help protect your assets and preserve your independence and quality
of life in the event you require long term care.

Each plan can be personalized to your specific benefit needs and budget.

Plans are available for individual coverage and also for married couples.

Available Features:

  • Monthly/Daily Benefit Option
  • Benefit Period and Elimination Period
  • Inflation Protection
  • Stay-at-Home Benefit
  • Bed-Hold Benefit
  • Respite Care Benefit
  • 10 Year Pay or Paid up at 65 Options
  • Shared Care
  • Restoration of Benefits
  • Waiver of Premium
Partnership Plans

  • They offer Medicaid Asset Protection to consumers who buy LTC insurance, enabling them to
    protect an additional dollar amount of personal assets and still remain eligible to apply for
    Medicaid coverage of LTC services, if needed.
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